Your new puppy has been eating a combination of both raw and kibble. I am going to give you the recipe for what they have been eating so if you choose you may replicate it for them in their new home. Remember any change in diet will take your puppy a while to get used to. A change will usually produce loose stools.

I use Diamond Small Breed Puppy Formula for the kibble. It has no soy, no wheat and no corn. If you change to another brand please try to use a grain free formula. It is the best for your new puppy and prevents possible health problems later.

For the raw meat, I combine either 1 pound of either ground turkey, ground beef or ground chicken to ½ a can of 100% pumpkin and ¼ cup of plain greek yougurt. You can freeze this in baggies that are the correct serving size for your puppy if you want.

I feed the raw mixture 2 times per day and the dry food 2 time per day. Remember that your puppy’s tummy is quite small and he will need to be fed more frequently until he grows.

If you change the diet remember if he does develop loose stools to use the 100% pumpkin to help firm it up.

2 thoughts on “Your New Puppy’s Diet Recipe

  • August 11, 2015 at 11:41 pm

    We are looking for reputable breeders of Cavaliers and came across this website.

    Where are you located? Are you expecting puppies later this summer or fall? Would you welcome a visit on site to see your dogs?

    We are very concerned with Heart and Eye issues with the breed. What can you tell me about this and your dogs?

    Thank you!

  • January 17, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    How much are the puppies? How often do we have to take them out? What if we don’t have a fenced-in yard? Do we have to give them such a complicated and precise diet? We are looking for our own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy to call our own. What if we travel a lot? Can we leave him with a friend? Are they okay with new environments?



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