“When I found an accredited King Charles Spaniel Breeder online in my area I was elated. Upon visiting their home and seeing the meticulous way they care for their dogs and puppies I was impressed. They are by far the best of the best and I am thoroughly pleased with my baby boy.” – Amber, IN


“I got Shai from Smithpaws 8 weeks ago and I could not be more in love with this little doll!” – Cris Allen, IN


“I love my new gran puppy Mickey Jasper Loppnow. I have never dealt with such a loving, smart puppy. I’ve never saw a puppy as cute as he is. You can tell he was raised with a lot of attention and love.” – Olga, IL


“We took our sweet boy that we took home with us on Monday! We named him Riley and we absolutely adore him. He has been nothing but 100% sweetness since we brought him home.” – Kira, IN